Zelensky Appeals To Emotion Before Audience Of Euro Globalists

What’s with the Ukrainian obsession with joining a cabal of European globalists like the cretins who occupy the European Union? Is it merely a means of protection from future Russian attacks? Or is it a cynical ploy by Zelensky to align his country with liberal elites in an effort to “legitimize” Ukraine? After all, Ukraine is country inextricably linked with Russia in both language and in culture, so joining the European Union could be a way for Zelensky to distinguish himself.

Zelensky has made himself sort of a bipartisan superstar with majorities of both sides of the western political aisle supporting his every move. The obsession to create a villain out of Putin appears to be the greatest motivation behind the left’s undue support of Zelensky made obvious by constant glowing reports on every mainstream propaganda outlet.

The cringe factor surrounding Zelensky shot up ten fold on Tuesday when the comedian-turned-president gave an award-winning performance before a crowd of European globalists.

Volodymyr Zelensky brought his translator to tears as he spoke about the costs his people were paying for their freedom before Europe.

Zelensky, who is still in Kyiv fighting with his army, addressed the European Parliament via a video call on Tuesday, where he detailed both the willingness of his people to fight and the costs that they paid in attempting to stop Russia’s invasion.

“Every square today, no matter what it’s called, is going to be called Freedom Square, in every city of our country. No one is going to break us. We are strong. We are Ukrainians,” Zelensky continued, emphasizing that Ukrainians “have a desire to see our children alive. I think it’s a fair one.”

“We are fighting for our freedom, for our rights and for our survival. And we also fight to be equal members of Europe. With us in it, the EU will be stronger. Please, prove that you are together with us. Then life will conquer death,” Zelensky concluded

Zelensky’s speech received a standing ovation as he called for the European Union to “prove” they are with Europe.

Talk about slippery slope.

As president of Ukraine, Zelensky has every right to defend his country and his people — it’s his obligation to do so. However, one must ask themselves what that has to do with joining forces with a globalist entity responsible for so much chaos not only in Europe but around the world.

Getting mixed up with the European Union will do nothing except erase what already makes Ukraine different from Russia: a rich Slavic culture with its own trials, tribulations, and customs. Immediately upon entrance into the EU, that distinct cultural footprint will be erased forever.

That’s simply the nature of globalism.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian president asked the EU to fast-track Ukraine’s membership on Monday, arguing that they have proven their worth in this conflict. The EU Commission president did not seem eager to expedite the process on Sunday.

Fight on, Ukraine, but that doesn’t mean you have to become Germany.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth