‘You’re Fired’ — Calls For Kamala’s Dismissal Mount

On Thursday, Fifty-six House Republicans demanded of President Joe Biden that Vice President Kamala Harris be removed from her task of handling the border crisis.

Representative Glenn Grothman (R-WI) is spearheading the latest effort to make Harris accountable for her failure and get someone willing to take up the task as the situation at the border continues to disintegrate.

Back in March, Biden tapped Harris to be the frontline leader for the administration’s border crisis response, but Harris has sense faced criticism from both sides of the aisle for her failure to address issues at the border or even visit the site.

As response to the criticism, the administration has spun her role as simply being focused on discovering the “root causes of migration.” In the meanwhile, Harris has continued to dodge questions from reporters about why she hasn’t visited the border.

Representatives Madison Crawthorn (R-NC), Louie Gohmert (R-TX), and Jody Hice (R-GA), have all expressed their “serious concerns” about Harris’s “appointment” to the task of leading the management of the border crisis, according to the letter sent to Biden.

The letter describes how in a time when the border has not suffered worse illegal activity and humanitarian crisis in over 20 years, that the Vice President has failed to display “adequate interest” in the crisis. The lawmakers added that Harris has been assigned to the task for 85 days, but as of the time of writing she still hasn’t visited the border nor met with government agents such as ICE and Border Patrol, not to mention local law enforcement.

Republican lawmakers argue that it’s crucial that Harris have such meetings, and called her inaction “an insult” to “hardworking” individuals who are working everyday to protect the border. The Republicans also slammed Harris for dodging responsibility under the ruse of “root causes of migration” as a mere talking point that is unrelated to solving the crisis.

The letter points out that Harris incorrectly assumes that ‘root causes’ of immigration “stem from [the] migrant’s country of origin.” Additionally, the letter points out that many of the migrants crossing the southern border are not from “Central American countries,” but from “countries all over the world.”

The letter tartly criticized Biden for failing to find anybody “better qualified” for the task, saying that America can’t “afford another minute of inaction from. . . Harris.”

Author: Andrew Davidson