You Won’t Believe Who The Democrats Just Picked For 2024

This is definitely a prediction you don’t want to hear, but you must. Wayne Root, who is one of the best predictors of politics, has some really scary news for anyone who is concerned about the future of the country. He’s been incredibly accurate over the years, and is the best of anyone else in the media when it comes to predictions.

He called the stolen 2020 election, the voter ID scheme, the Democrats’ invoking communism om America through the power of lockdowns, the COVID mandates put in place by Biden, his ridiculous open border policies and Biden’s brain-dead so-called presidency and puppeteering that’s taking place by the Democrats.

He warned about Biden’s mental capabilities all the way back in 2019. He warned of Biden’s associations with China and t heir communist party. He also called the takeover by communism and the total destruction of America, capitalism and Judeo-Christian American values, all carried out and coordinated by former President Obama, George Soros, and the CCP.

This is all happening in front of everyone’s faces.

And now, he has another prediction: Hillary Clinton is about to take over as President of the United States, and it’s all by Democrat design.

You see, Biden already served his purpose for the democrat party. He gave them a ‘moderate’ face with his experiences, white, and grandfatherly appearance tricking them to get him to the top. The election stealing tactics of the Democrats, combined with Biden’s moderate routine, fooled all the voters and led to this outcome.

But now, they are done with him. His approval rating has sunk down to nearly nothing. Everyone who has any semblance of a brain knows that Biden isn’t cut out for the job, and Democrats are about to kick him to the curb. His days are numbered, and they are going to make him step down due to his advanced dementia. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

Harris is next in line, but she’s even worse off in the polls in Biden. She’ll choose Hillary as her VP, because she knows that will get the voters. Then they’ll force her to resign due to personal reasons and BOOM. Hillary Clinton is the President. And she’ll want a black woman by her side to keep all the leftists at bay. Who’s the obvious choice? Michelle Obama.

Don’t laugh now, they are coming, and you can expect to see Clinton/Obama on your 2020 voting roster.

Author: Todd Packer