You Won’t Believe Who Biden Put In Charge of The Border Crisis

Republican representative, Nicole Malliotakis, had the opportunity to visit a migrant facility in Texas over the weekend, and boy did she have a lot to say when she got back. Malliotakis revealed that the real issue driving the horrific conditions in these facilities is that Biden turned the border situation over to the cartels. Yes, you read that right. Biden is handing power over to armed thugs.

These cartels and smugglers are apparently making billions by smuggling people into America, according to Malliotakis. When Trump was in charge of the border, he had protective policies in place that kept things like this from happening, but with Biden handling everything, it’s gotten completely out of control.

In fact, hundreds of thousands of illegals are entering the United States each month. By mid-year there will be more illegal border crossings than the entire state of Delaware’s citizens.

What’s causing all this? Biden’s policies. He has completely tied the hands of border agents and customs, stripping them of resources and not allowing them to do the jobs they were hired to do. It’s Biden’s responsibility to reverse this, but he shows no signs of movement or concern.

Biden is actually planning on sending direct payments to illegals, all funded by taxpayer dollars. What’s worse is that many of these people entering into the U.S. illegally are known terrorists, sex offenders and criminals.

Things are getting worse at the border every day, and until Biden re-implements Trump’s policies, things are only going to keep doing so.

Author: Rosey Malenkov

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