You Won’t Believe What America’s Largest Teachers Union Just Put On The Agenda

The largest teachers union in the country is making a bold move that would forever end the progressive throw-away line that children aren’t being taught critical race theory. The group voted to do everything in its power to promote the theory, calling the concept “reasonable and appropriate” material for K-12 social studies classes.

The National Education Association revealed their agenda recently, formalizing a plot to ensure that critical race theory becomes appropriately publicized by hiring a special “team of staffers” who will assist union members who are looking to push back against “anti-CRT rhetoric.”

The teachers union also declared in their documentation that they will do all they can to oppose the banishment of both critical race theory and the controversial New York Times’ 1619 Project, bans which have already passed in half of the United States.

Furthermore, the union’s resolution said that the organization would “join with Black Lives Matter” and commemorate George Floyd’s birthday, making it a national activist holiday to indoctrinate students’ with an understanding of “structural racism and oppression.”

The union claims that they will support what they call “accurate and honest” educational review and “age-appropriate accountings” of American “slavery… oppression and discrimination of [BIPOC],” and connect it to matters of “current society.” They call the teaching of America’s history as a cartoonish villain to be “reasonable and appropriate” for children.

Despite the union’s rubber stamp of approval for the plan, their website confesses with an open hat that they don’t currently have enough funding to carry out their special “team of staffers,” stating that they need “an additional $127,600.”

The move from the union comes as school districts countrywide and leftist pundits attempt to dismiss critical race theory as something they don’t intend to infect younger students with, often stating that CRT is too complex to teach to younger students and so it will only be available as a graduate-level course.

However, this claim contradicts the fact that teachers seminars are regularly offering training in CRT and examples from across the nation of CRT training continue to show it’s ugly head.

The NEA currently represents over 2 million members, almost two-thirds of the estimated 3.2 million public educators in the entire country.

CRT is coming for your children, it’s up to parents to fight the Left’s social-Marxist brainwashing scheme.

Author: Rosemary Lowe