You Can’t Even Mow Your Lawn In This Democrat-Run State, See Why…

California governor Gavin Newsom just took his state another radical step closer to removing all fossil fuel use in the state with a law signed on Saturday that bans all gas-powered engines.

The new democrat law bans sales of all gas-powered off-road engines such as pressure washers, generators, lawn equipment, golf carts, chain saws and weed trimmers. The new law requires that these tools be zero-emission, meaning that they will have to operate on batteries or a plug in.

In the case of generators, the bill constitutes an outright ban on one of the most popular gas-run appliances in the state, since many rely on generators to power their homes during the regular power outages that accompany wildfire season every summer.

The bill’s author, Marc Berman, called the ban a “pretty modest approach” to combatting air pollution, and cited concerns about the health of workers who use such tools. Berman said that people have “amazing” reactions when he tells them “how much this equipment pollutes… how much smog… climate changing emissions” that small engines produce.

An estimated 50,000 small businesses are expected to be directly impacted by the law. The state is budgeting $30 million in assistance to professional gardeners and landscapers to aid them in quitting the use of power equipment, but the budget falls far short of carrying the financial burden of this law.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) notes that commercial landscaping equipment which meets that zero-emission standard is less efficient and more expensive than their gas-powered counterparts. The outlet cited that gas-powered riding mowers cost a company between $7000 and $11,000 while zero-emissions versions of the same cost over double.

The new law will be put in effect on January of 2024 or later if regulators deem that the timeframe is not “feasible.” The California Air Resources Board already started execution of the law, a lengthy process of bureaucracy that’s expected to conclude next year.

Newsom, dictator of the socialist republic of California, signed an executive order back in September of last year mandating that all car sales in the state be zero-emission by the year 2035, that order also included similar requirements for buses and trucks, with a later deadline of 2045 for such utility vehicles.

Author: Alexandra Gardner