Women’s Athlete Issued Gag Order After Questioning Fairness Of Trans Competitor

Team USA World Masters athlete Cynthia Monteleone claims to have been instructed to “keep [her] mouth shut” after she tried to raise concerns about fairness on the field in the context of competing with transgendered athletes.

Monteleone spoke to Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) in a Fox News interview just ahead of National Girls and Women in Sports Day, explaining how difficult it was to accept walking up to the starting line against a “male-bodied athlete.”

The track athlete first had to contend against a biological male competitor in the 2018 World Masters Athletics Championships in Malaga, Spain. She ran against Yanelle Del Mar Zape, a transgendered Colombian athlete, in the 400-meter race.

Monteleone questioned officials about why a “male-bodied athlete” was on the track. She said that the European officials at the time were “very sympathetic, and they stopped the meet.” However, after the officials conferred, they told her to take up her concerns with Team USA after the meet.

Monteleone was able to outrace Zape by just a few tenths of a second but immediately approached Team USA Track and Field after the race to express her concerns.

When she spoke to them, they warned her to “keep your mouth shut… for your own safety.” The threatening message Monteleone received was first shared in her interview with Senator Blackburn on the show “Unmuted with Marsha.”

Monteleone explained that female athletes who identify as the gender they were born as, suffer “psychological trauma” from having to compete against biologically male athletes. She added that she refused to remain quiet about an issue that is “so grossly unfair.”

The athlete explained that being a champion-level competitor doesn’t just take a physical toll, but also demands sacrifices when it comes to family and friends. These are completely disrespected when the playing field is grossly affected by biological males who compete as women.

The track star added that she’s concerned for her daughter’s future as an athlete, who also is pursuing a career in track. Her daughter has already competed against transgendered athletes in high school, in the 9th grade.

Monteleone described how the trans athlete, who only put in two weeks of training, “blew everybody away in the first 100 meters,” completely undermining her daughter’s “very first race, after training all year.”

Consequently, Monteleone’s daughter took second place, and according to her, at the cost of “prize money, scholarships, awards.” “She deserved to win. She put in the work. But she had no chance because of the biological advantage of this male-bodied athlete,” she added.

Nationwide legalization of trans athletes in women’s sports is a direct result of a day-one order that Democrat President Joe Biden issued upon his inauguration.

Unless someone stops the Democrats’ agenda to eliminate gender entirely, this is, as Monteleone put it, “the end of female sports.”

Author: Samuel Phillips