‘Wokesters’ Find a Clever New Way To Silence Their Opponents

PayPal is adopting a new policy to address ‘hate’ and extremism by banning all nonliberal individuals and groups from their services, according to conservatives, because the company has caved to pressure the ‘woke’ movement.

PayPal worked alongside the Anti-Defamation League, an advocacy group for Jews, announcing their partnership last week and a mission to take on hatred and racism on PayPal’s financial industry and platform.

The new policy and initiative focuses on discovering and disrupting financial pipelines that have ties to extremist or hate movements by banning those organizations and individuals from making transactions through PayPal.

Information gathered by PayPal’s intelligence group will share information with other banks, financial companies, law enforcement, and policymakers in an effort to bring down further punishment against those deemed as ‘hateful’ or ‘extremist’ by PayPal and the ADL.

Conservative commentator Dan Bongino who is very experienced with tech startups said that the partnership and mission was a “signaling mechanism… a fist bump” that identifies the company with other “woketarians.” He warned that the move will eventually affect everyone who is “nonliberal… doesn’t toe the company line.”

Bongino expects that the decision could prove disastrous for even PayPal as half of the country is considered ‘hateful’ and ‘extremist’ in the eyes of the woke movement.

A spokesperson from PayPal explained that the new initiative doesn’t change their operation “in any way,” saying that they have followed a “long-standing policy” that actively blocks transactions from individuals discovered to “promote hate, violence… racial intolerance.”

PayPal CEO Dan Schulman said in 2019 that the company was removing between 10 and 100 accounts per month that got flagged by the algorithm or identified by flaggers as promoters of hatred, racism, or violence. He said that their decision making is aided by expert organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center, the controversial and left-leaning civil rights group.

Neither ADL nor PayPal have laid out any specific criteria for determining what qualifies individuals or organizations as hateful, nor have they disclosed what guidance they will use to identify such.

Conservatives are concerned that the new partnership will be used to suppress free-speech and hinder financial resources.

Author: Cedric Richardson