Wokeness Competition Hands Out Woke Prizes To Woke Participants

The Emmy Awards recently announced that they will be giving nominees the option to have a more gender inclusive statue.

The Television Academy’s Board of Governors said on Monday that it approved a rule change which allows nominees to request that their nomination certificate and Emmy statuette use the gender-neutral term of “Performer” instead of the clearly bigoted terms of “Actor” and “Actress.”

The move comes as a response to demands from gender non-conformists in Hollywood who are attempting to make the Emmy awards less dependent on apparently offensive pronouns and gender casting.

The Television Academy stated on Tuesday that the categories for “Actor” and “Actress” have never required nominees to be a biological member of that category to be submitted, according to the rules.

I guess beforehand they relied on something else to determine whether a “performer” would best be described as an “actor,” or “actress.” That something else was probably common sense, which they have clearly lost.

The outlet reports that the new option to have a genderless nomination and sexless statuette will be available for the current 2021 awards season, just in time for the Primetime Emmy Awards on July 13.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the Academy wants to assure the public that the change does not affect the way in which actor and actress categories get voted on or selected. The change merely seeks to respect the wishes of stars who have a gender preference assigned to their nominations and wins.

Then 36-year-old “Billions” star Asia Kate Dillon, an outspoken “nonbinary” person wrote a letter to the Television Academy in 2017 about the issue after receiving nomination. Dillon championed the recent decision, and said at the time that she had to reach out to the organization about how to make a decision for which gender would be preferable as a submission.

The 2021 Primetime Emmys will take place on September 19th. It is not currently clear who the nominees are, and so it’s also unknown who if any might be the first Hollywood TV stars to take up the offer of a gender-neutral award.

Author: Jackie Perry