Woke Militants Try To Cancel One Of Hollywood’s Biggest Stars

Of all the things that you can do to tick off a liberal, one of the biggest is simply being a Christian. And Hollywood Superstar, Chris Pratt, probably knows that better than anyone now. Joe Rogan, a Podcaster and wrestling champion, has felt it necessary to come to the defense of Pratt, because he says he is becoming a target for hate simple due to his convictions of religion.

Rogan made these remarks about Pratt after it was announced that the actor was going to be used to play Mario in an upcoming animation film that is based on the video game serious from Nintendo, “Super Mario Brothers.”

The film’s co-producer, Mr. Chris Meledandri, was the first to defend Pratt from casting criticism back in November.

He said that the voice that Pratt is doing for the animated movie as Mario is phenomenal, and that he can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

Meledandri was asked if he was aware of the potential offense it would cause to have a non-Italian Pratt playing a character that is Traditionally Italian. Meledandri responded that he is actually an Italian-America, so he understands where the comments are coming from. He said the person who is playing Luigi in the film, Charlie Day, is an Italian man, and that is their nod to the Italian heritage.

He also said that despite all of the criticism, he isn’t convinced people will be rioting en masse to have the film cancelled when it’s released.

During Joe Rogan’s latest broadcast, he said that the only reason Chris Pratt gets in trouble in Hollywood is because he is a Christian man. Rogan says that Pratt is one of the nicest guys he’s ever met. He says the people that are talking bad about Pratt are crazy people, who hate their jobs and boss and sit in a cubicle and tween mean things. He says that the media’s criticism of Pratt is nothing by bullying.

Rogan says that he went hunting with Chris Pratt in Utah once, and that he is just a genuinely friendly guy.

It’s just like Hollywood to attack someone for being Christian, and Pratt is open about it.

Author: William Brackett