White House Physician Warns Biden Must ‘Resign At Some Point’

Representative Ronny Jackson, who represents Texas in Congress and was formerly a White House physician, spoke openly about how he feels “terrified for our country” shortly after hearing President Biden’s town hall that was held earlier this week, and expressed concerns about whether the current commander in chief possesses the cognitive ability to see through his full term.

Expressing his worry on Twitter, Jackson said “He’s completely LOST it!” alongside a video clip of Biden stumbling through a response to a reporter during which he said that Republicans charge him with “sucking the blood out of kids.” Jackson believes that such a wild comment warrants a “cognitive exam.”

Biden gave an odd performance on CNN last week, and conservatives made a great deal of mockery over it. Biden’s talking points ranged from false claims about the effectiveness of COVID vaccines, to referencing obscure conspiracy theories and at one point mentioned teaching children about “whether there’s a man on the moon… whether those aliens are here or not.”

Earlier in the month, when responding to a reporter’s question regarding a Michigan pie shop, the President had to refer to his notes.

Jackson, speaking with Sean Hannity on Fox News, declared that Biden’s mental decline poses “a national security issue.” He added that he suspects Biden will be made “to resign from office at some point,” or else he suspects that the 25th Amendment will need to be invoked “to get rid of this man.”

Jackson served the White House as the personal physician of the president for both President Obama and later President Trump.

Jackson joined with a dozen Republican members of the House in issuing a letter that demanded Biden to received a cognitive function test, just as Trump took during his tenure in office, and release the results to the public.

The letter states that the America public deserves “full transparency” regarding the cognitive soundness of the nation’s “highest elected leader.”

Jackson said in his Fox interview that he signaled long ago how Biden’s condition is “only going to get worse,” and pointed out that what we’re seeing today is exactly that.

Author: Ben Shaw