Whistleblowers Sound The Alarm, Unmask The Ugly Truth Of Biden’s America

As the supply chain crisis continues to grind on under the guidance of Democrat President Joe Biden, American consumers have become somewhat accustomed to seeing empty shelves at their local stores. Grocery supply lines are at their limits recently, with even the most basic and essential of shopping items going missing. In response to the inability to stock their shelves, stores are coming up with creative ways to hide the ugly truth of the situation.

Multiple stores have adopted a strategy of filling their shelves with items that are out of season, such as camping gear or swimwear, others have been caught putting fake bottles on shelves to make them appear at a distance like they are full of product. Some have even resorted to such drastic measures as to tape up photographs of full shelves overtop of the empty shelves.

According to Inside Edition, the purpose of this tactic is to distract customers from the fact that their shelves are empty. The concern of retailers is that the sight of empty shelves will spark a panic wave of hoarding, which will only worsen the supply crisis.

Inside Edition posted a video showcasing the crazy situation.

Store managers claim that these deceptive practices are meant to prevent customers from filling up their carts at the sight of empty shelves and going into full hoarding mode, but who do they actually think they’re fooling? Taped up photographs of product on shelves is a Looney Toons tactic for fooling Wiley Coyote, not everyday Americans. If anything, a customer seems more likely to begin hoarding when they notice the desperate attempt to cover up how bad Biden’s supply chain crisis has become.

This tactic is insulting to the intelligence of the American public and isn’t helping anyone. If stores actually wanted to contribute then they might start imposing rationing, as is already happening in big box stores for items like toilet paper.

Customers may not be happy to be limited to one gallon of milk, but it’s still better than none.

All of this disaster could have been avoided if the Democrat administration would simply make an effort to get truck drives back out on the highways to straighten the situation out. Trucking companies are offering premium pay with massive sign on bonuses right now, but it’s still not as lucrative as living off of the teat of Biden’s federal government. Until that changes, your local store might also start selling two-dimensional versions of food.

Author: Norma Green