We’ll Come To You — Biden’s Vaccination Plot Already In Action

Joe Biden was in no joking mood when he claimed that he would use door-to-door tactics to reach his vaccination goals. Last week, chills went down the spines of Americans as Biden and his spokeswoman Jen Psaki revealed their plan to send federal agents to citizens’ homes and harangue them into getting vaccinated, many people heard the plan as a direct threat.

The door-to-door salespeople are reportedly already setting about their work, offering COVID-19 injections on your porch. Secretary of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra publicly stated that if individuals want to become vaccinated “we’ll go to you.”

In North Carolina, a far-Left community organization group is being used by health officials to proselytize in vaccine-resistant areas, with the mission to “educate and encourage” residents in these regions to get shot. If a person indicates that they have interest in the vaccine, organizers (who’s normal job is to register Democrat voters) call up a health department injector to rush out and administer the vaccine right there and then.

Mecklenburg County’s medical director for the Health Department, Dr. Meg Sullivan, said that the “innovative way” of increasing shot percentages was necessary because vaccination numbers are not “as high as it needs to be.”

As was put by a WCNC TV reporter, the mission is not just to educate and encourage people to get vaccinated, now the plan is to keep a public health official on tap so that vaccinations can be administered without delay.

The individuals “educating and encouraging” in this fashion are likely radical community activists with no day job, living off a grant from Uncle Sugar that keeps them paid through the next election cycle. Dr. Sullivan refers to the door knockers as “community partners.”

She explains that people have “access issues” regarding the vaccine, due to long work hours, complications with transportation and language barriers. “that is the role of public health,” she says, to “remove those barriers” and administer vaccines in cooperation with their newly found “vaccine… and community partners.”

The community partners in question is the progressive group “Action NC,” who promotes the usual list of Leftist agenda items such as increasing Democrat voting turnout, but more radical items as well such as their “RAGE” program, which is a program about “Race, Gender and Equality.” The group also strongly promotes illegal immigration, Leftist educational standards in public schools and everything anti-Trump. The “community partners” also actively promote abortion.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that the vaccines which are being given out are still considered experimental, and are only permitted under an emergency provision from the FDA.

Author: Steven Morales