Welcome To Biden’s America: Where Even Democrats Are Regretting Their vote

Multiple states residents’ are reporting outages at their local gas stations following the cyberattack against the Colonial Pipeline. The oil delivery infrastructure supplies almost half of the gas supplied to Southeast America.

The New York Post reported that the cyberattack is suspected to be an orchestrated effort by a Russia-backed criminal organization. The pipeline has now been closed for 5 days, failing to supply gasoline across its 5,500 mile length between New Jersey and Texas.

Viral videos on social media are making the rounds as users in states such as Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama, North Carolina, Florida and other Southern states showed lines of empty cars parked outside of stations, unable to fill up. It’s currently uncertain how much panic buying is responsible for the shortages.

The shortages follow on the heels of Biden’s recent jobs report, a dismal sum compared to it’s target. The recovery plan is behind track by 700,000 jobs as of April.

Colonial Pipeline made a statement on Monday explaining that they are returning the line to functionality as quickly and as safely as possible. They said that functional return will have to be performed in phases, with end-of-the-line service returning already where the pipe can be operated manually, however, the main-line is still inoperable.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that the President has ordered several Federal agencies to use what resources they have available to help alleviate the shortages as much as possible.

Author: Neil Christensen

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