Watch: Top RINO Gets Swift Justice For Betraying Trump

Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) was booed this past weekend when he entered the stage at the Utah Republican Party’s convention. Hecklers loudly called Romney a “communist” and “traitor,” according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Romney is amongst the most prominent critics of former President Donald Trump on the right-side of the aisle. He appeared at the Maverik Center in Salt Lake City to speak to 2,145 registered Republican delegates. He was met with boos and jeering from the crowd.

Romney made an attempt to appease the somewhat hostile crowd by asking them what they thought about the first 100 days of President Biden.

Then, Romney told the audience that he was “a person who says what he thinks” and reiterated to the audience that he “wasn’t a fan” of Trump’s “character issues.” The crowd turned against him instantly, with intensified boos.

Romney plainly asked the audience, “Aren’t you embarrassed?”

After over a minute of constant jeering, heckling, and booing, Utah GOP chair Derek Brown entered the stage to intervene, instructing the audience to “please show respect.” Romney then returned to his speech.

The Utah Republican Party held a vote at the convention later on, to determine whether or not Romney should be censured for his vote to convict Trump in the January 6 Capitol riot incident. Romney barely escaped censure by a vote of 798-711.

Author: Maureen Simpson

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