[WATCH] Concealed Carry Hero Saves Himself From Domestic Terrorists

A video recently hit Twitter in which an Oregon man was assaulted by Antifa protesters, damaging his vehicle and pepper spraying him. However, the man was carrying a gun, and sent his assailants away.

After police investigated the issue, they chose not to arrest the man who used his weapon in self-defense.

The video is posted by Melissa “Claudio” Lewis, a self-described “Antifa Press” journalists. Lewis’ video shows a mob of Antifa protesters approaching a truck that was recently vandalized by them with paintball guns. They surround the vehicle wielding batons and pepper spray.

The man’s truck is decorated with red, white, and blue stripes, as well as flying multiple flags. A sign indicating that he is a Vietnam Veteran is also displayed on the side of his truck. As the man exits his truck and moves to the rear, Antifa terrorists wearing helmets and body armor approach him with a mix of melee weapons.

Broken glass can be seen at the 24 second mark as the terrorists smash in one of the truck windows.

Responding to the broken window, the man exits his vehicle, where he is almost immediately pepper sprayed. He then draws a concealed carry pistol and loads it, warning his assailants to get away.

At this point a police officer arrives on the scene and instructs the man to put his gun down, which he complies with by placing the weapon in his truck bed.

A different video post by @ViolaBLM shows the videographer in fury over the fact that police did not shoot the man with the pistol, saying “If he was black he’d be dead.”

Three people have been arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, unlawful pointing of a laser and trespass.

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