[Warning: Graphic] Taliban Militants Kick Cruelty Level Up a Notch

Everyone knows that Biden has failed in Afghanistan. He’s cost the lives of countless Americans, and even more Afghanis with his bad politics and weak policies. But there are few stories as sad as what Biden’s actions just caused that this one. Reports coming out of Afghanistan confirm that Taliban militants entered the home of a pregnant law enforcement officer in central Afghanistan. She was home with her children and her husband, after a long day of work when the fighters entered and shot and killed her. This was done in front of her husband and her children, right inside of her central Afghanistan home.

They didn’t just murder her in a dignified way, either. They had to send a message. The Taliban terrorists reportedly destroyed the woman’s face in the attack. Her name was Buna Negar, and family members said that her body is now ‘heavily disfigured’ as a result of the attack.

The murder happened on Saturday. Three gunmen entered into the couple’s home, searched and ransacked it and then tied up all the members of the family.

All the details of the attack haven’t been confirmed yet, but it’s said that Negar was first beaten before she was shot and killed.

Social media is circulating with graphic images of Negar’s body. She can be seen on a carpet surrounded by blood and screwdrivers that were covered in blood. It is assumed that the screwdrivers were the tool that was used to execute the law-enforcement officer/mother of two.

Many twitter conversations claim that terrorists of the Taliban are carrying out the execution of police officers in a huge sweep all across Afghanistan. But that also isn’t confirmed yet.

The Taliban, of course, is denying any and all involvement in the slaying. One Taliban Spokesman, Zabiullah Mujaheed, told BBC News that while they are aware of the incident, they did not carry out the attack or murder and that they are supposedly investigating the attack.

Mujaheed also claims that the Taliban has announced previously that there’s an amnesty for former government officials, and that they were labeling her murder as something else, or a personal enmity.

Negar’s family members said that she worked at one of the local prisons and that she was about eight months along in her pregnancy at her death.

Author: Catherine Warren