Want To Guess Who The Nuclear Spy Voted For Last November?

A Naval nuclear engineer was recently caught selling top secret information regarding U.S. nuclear submarine designs. But that’s not all, it turns out that the treasonous engineer, along with his wife, are huge supporters of radical-left causes such as Black Lives Matter and far-left feminism.

Jonathan and Diana Toebbe were taken into custody on Saturday from West Virginia, according to the criminal complaint which details the espionage-related charges. The government claims that Jonathan Toebbe has sold top secret information for almost a year to what he believed to be a foreign power, but it was actually an FBI agent undercover.

Diana Toebbe’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles reveal a great deal about where the couple stand politically, with posts supporting “#blackouttuesday” and other Black Lives Matter slogans, such as wearing the BLM badge on her profile picture.

Diana Toebbe’s Twitter account follows multiple “resistance” accounts which all protest Trump, including one “Rogue NASA” account that claims to be the “‘resistance’ team of NASA.” An example tweet went out in 2017, mere days after former President Donald Trump’s inauguration, calling the United States “temporarily out of order” because of the standing president.

Dianna Toebbe’s maiden name is Smay, and is included on the woman’s social media profiles.

Key School, a private Annapolis school confirmed that Diana Toebbe is one of their faculty members but has since been suspended indefinitely. In a statement the school said that they were “shocked and appalled” when they learned about the charges Toebbe was facing and claimed to have no information regarding their criminal activities.

Dianna Toebbe’s Facebook has a post from 2016 featuring failed candidate Hilary Clinton’s campaign logo alongside a transgender flag with the phrase “Women Can Stop Trump.” Dianna’s most recent profile picture shows her hair dyed purple.

Jonathan Toebbe was commissioned by the Navy in October of 2012 according to his service records. He has reported for duty to stations since that time in Virginia, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. He was a nuclear engineering officer as well as a reserve human resources officer.

Both Facebook accounts belonging to the Toebbe’s show that their residence was in Annapolis, Maryland, which is where the Department of Justice stated the couple lives.

The Toebbes registered as Democrats in Colorado in 2008, though no public information was available regarding their Maryland registration.

According to the FBI, their joint scheme to sell top secret intelligence regarding U.S. nuclear submarines started back in April 2020 when Jonathan sent a package containing Naval documents to a foreign nation with a note that he wanted to start selling sensitive information.

The Toebbes will have their first court appearances next Tuesday in West Virginia.

Author: Celia Shelton