Voting Machines Busted For Anti-Trump ‘Glitches’

Pennsylvania voting machines were recently found to be rejecting Republican cast ballots during a state primary election. Election officials at Fayette County said that there was a technical problem with the machines which prevented them from reading ballots which were cast for Republican candidates.

Lori Lambie, a local voter, said that she believes the problem is “suspicious” given the outcome of the presidential election. The issue with the machines was revealed during a primary election that took place in Fayette County this past Tuesday.

Lambie said that she filled out her Republican ballot but when she tried to insert it into the machine, it kept getting rejected.

Officials originally declared that the machines had a barcode error that applied to all ballots, but then it was later confirmed that Democrat cast ballots had no problems. This new information raised concern amongst Pennsylvania voters.

Election officials have decided to collect Republican ballots for individual, manual counting at a later time.

Author: Jonathon Reese

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