Virginia’s New Lt. Governor-Elect Flips The Script On Racist Democrats

Winsome Sears, the Republican Lieutenant Governor elect of Virginia said that she is living “the American dream” after praising the United States and the opportunities that its given her since arriving as an immigrant from Jamaica at just six years old.

Sears is also a Marine Corps veteran, and accepted her election gladly on Tuesday evening, becoming the first black woman to hold a statewide office in the state of Virginia.

Sears said that she felt at “a loss for words” but expressed profound gratitude to Republicans who “voted for me… put your trust in me.” Sears then gave a warning of how Democrats will try to sow division within the Republican party: “we must not let that happen.”

Sears highlighted the fact that she won as a black woman on the Republican ticket and noted how the country already had a black president who was elected twice. She said that while Democrats are trying to convince America that “we are back in 1963” the reality of todays society is very different. Sears said that today, black Americans can live and eat wherever they want, “we own the water fountains,” she pointedly explained.

According to critical race theory and other Democrat propaganda, Sears election should be impossible. How ironic that a black woman, the very sort of person which critical race theory tries to paint as a helpless victim, will be the one to prohibit it from Virginia schools, the ground-zero of radical leftist educational policies.

Moving on from criticizing Democrat propaganda, Sears focused on the changes and direction that she and Governer-elect Glenn Youngkin would take the state. She said that the “day one plan” is exhaustive in scope, and includes chopping taxes to put money back into the pockets of hardworking Americans, improved safety for communities and neighborhoods with pro-police policies. Critically, the governor’s office under Youngkin and Sears will focus on quality education, doing away with leftist brainwashing and focusing on giving youth “marketable skills” with the goal of helping them find gainful employment to create generational wealth.

In conclusion, Sears said that “the cavalry has arrived,” promising to turn the state around and help it heal and recover from enduring years of Democrat rule. Additionally, one key aspect of the Younkin-Sears governorship will be a focus on “transparent government.”

Author: James Thompson