Viral Video Shows Ex-BLM Leader Exposing Entire Organization

A former BLM activist recently revealed the dark side of the organization, explaining why he left the radical group. In his short YouTube video, Rashard Turner explains how BLM is unconcerned with improving the lives of black Americans and keeping them safe, as they so often claim.

Turner is the executive director of Minnesota Parent Union, he recently shared his discoveries about the group after having “learned the ugly truth.” He explains how the radicalized leftist organization is not promoting black families or education for black children.

In 2015, Turner participated in founding a BLM branch in St. Paul, Minnesota. He said that he accepted the mission statement implied in the name, “black lives do matter,” he said. But he reveals that after a year of participation and working with people inside of the organization, he “learned they have little concern for. . . black families. . . quality of education.”

A turning point for him was when BLM condemned charter schools, which he says is the opposite approach to “rebuilding the black family” and “better education for black children.”

BLM has a strong distaste for the traditional family, claiming that their goals can only be realized after they had eradicated the “Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.”

Though Turner parted ways with BLM after a year, he continued to do work to uplift fellow black Americans. He currently serves as the president and director of the Minnesota Parent Union, which helps parents relocate their children from low-quality schools to successful ones.

Low-quality education is a longstanding issue for many black communities. Democrat run cities have continually failed black children by promoting bad educational practices which would help them gain skills to thrive in American society.

Lenny McAllister, CEO of Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools explains that teacher’s unions in Democrat cities are afraid of losing power and money if parents can choose to place their children in higher quality institutions. Another example of leftists barricading efforts to help black education, would be the case of school founder King Randall, who was blocked from establishing a school in Albany, Georgia for disadvantaged youth.

The radical left doesn’t actually care about black Americans, and the proof is in the quality of life that black communities have in Democrat run cities. The Democrats use similar tactics to control and maintain the status quo with Latino communities as well. Progressives are afraid to give black Americans fishing poles, because the only job that Democrats know how to do is hand out fish.

Author: Darin Simpson