[Video] Trump Warns Biden Against His Current “Plan”

Former President Donald Trump is in full support of the Cuban protestors as they seek to free themselves of the oppressive communist regime left behind by Castro.

Trump, recognizing the unendurable situation of Cubans back in 2017, gave a speech in Miami in support of those who dissented from the regime. He sympathized with Cuban refugees who had to endure “terrible crimes… in service of a depraved ideology.” Trump lamented the “dreams of generations held… captive” because of “what communism has done.”

Trump also highlighted the plight of Christians in that 2017 speech, speaking about how “faces… disappeared, innocents locked in prisons… for preaching the word of God.”

Trump recalled grim stories of catholic nuns who were “bloodied, and captured” and “cries of loved ones” heard before the sound of “firing squads.”

Speaking in front of the “exiles and dissidents” of Cuba in front of him, he spoke about how they watched “communism destroy a nation” in the same way that it destroys all nations “where it has ever been tried.” But Trump led a nation at that time which actively fought communism and oppressors, because he has seen and heard the truth about communism as spoken by the Cuban people, saying that “the truth has… called us… to action.”

In the face of Biden’s deafening silence about the Cuban protests, and while pro-socialist Democrats attempt to sweep the affair under the rug as a type of ‘frustrated response to COVID-19’, Trump is speaking as the true leader of the nation.

He spoke recently about the demonstrations in Cuba, which brought global attention to the failing communist government there. Trump pointed out that curiously, the Cuban government reports “zero protestors in Cuba… you know what that means!” Trump was quick to point out the obvious as well, that Democrats have supported the communist regime for a long time, with the Biden campaign “reversing my… tough stance on Cuba,” and pointing out how “Obama attended [sports] with Castro” at the same time that Castro was beating, killing, and imprisoning the Cuban people.

Trump’s line on the Cuba situation? He says that he stands “with the Cuban people 100%” as they seek to free themselves. He warned Biden as well, that if he fails to stand up to the communists “history will remember.”

Watch below:

Author: Joe Mills