Vaccine Passports Are Here: And Yes, It’s As Scary As It Sounds

New York is implementing a new “Excelsior Pass,” which will provide proof of a coronavirus vaccination, or of negative test results.

The new Excelsior Pass Wallet app will “store passes on a mobile device” so that users can have easy access to them at any time via a QR code.

A news release on Friday explained that the Excelsior Pass works like an airline boarding pass.

New York’s Madison Square Garden is slated to adopt the technology in the next few days, with other public venues implementing the requirements by April 2, according to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office.

The app does not display health info when scanned, rather it displays a green checkmark for vaccinated or negative-tested individuals, and a red “x” if not.

New York represents the beginning of a new kind of “passport” that Americans will need to move freely in their own country. Other states, hospitals, airlines, sports arenas etc. will soon begin requiring their customers to have received one of the rushed-production COVID-19 vaccines in order to receive services.

Author: Kate Morgan

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