U.S. Officials Struck With Mysterious Havana Syndrome — New Russian Weapon Suspected

Several American officials stationed at the Embassy in Colombia are reported as experiencing Havana Syndrome, the mysterious neurological illness which experts believe is caused by pulsed microwave energy attacks from foreign adversaries. The attack comes mere days ahead of the arrival of Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

The Wall Street Journal reports that one official they spoke with said that there were two cases confirmed, with several more thought to be affected. At least one family received a medical flight out of the country with concerns growing “more serious” as the days progress.

Another source told the Journal that a child was struck in the attack, and lamented the inhumanity of “targeting or… incidentally hitting kids” with such weaponry.

American officials from both Democrat and Republican administrations have reason to suspect that Russia is behind the attacks, which were first noticed in 2016 in Havana, Cuba, hence the name. Symptoms of Havana Syndrome include a loss of balance, sudden and intense headaches, hearing issues and other neurological damage which lasts years or is permanent, forcing the victims into retirement.

At least two other major incidents of top U.S. officials have been noted where Havana Syndrome was contracted on foreign soil.

CIA Director Bill Burns had a member of his team attacked during a recent trip to India, with another case of Havana Syndrome being reported in August with a victim struck in Hanoi, Vietnam on the same day that Vice President Kamala Harris was waiting on a runway for Air Force Two to depart for a meeting with Vietnamese officials. Additionally, nearly two-dozen American intelligence officials in Vienna have reported Havana Syndrome symptoms in the past months.

Politico reported in May that the incidents have been sporadically spread across the world, from Europe to Miami, north Virginia and even near the White House. One of the prime suspects, according to the report, is the GRU, a secret Russian military wing. Biden administration officials assured outraged lawmakers that they are working tirelessly to uncover the exact causes and potential suspects at play and will make those responsible pay dearly.

The sources who spoke to the publication admit that they don’t have smoking gun proof but point to several key factors which make the GRU a prime suspect. It’s known that the GRU has a presence in every location where Havana Syndrome has been reported, it’s also the only Russian agency that might possess the technology capable to carry out the attacks. Additionally, Russia stated in the past that since they cannot compete against the U.S. on the battlefield that they will pursue “irregular warfare” with us.

Author: Tonya King