Tyrannical Leader Joins Biden In The Basement As Country Erupts In Protests

Here’s another example of how governments can’t force their power and tyranny on their people, or the people will rise up. Reports are now indicating that the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, is now feeling his home to a secretive location due to all the protests that are going on at Ontario’s Parliament hill. The protests started after tyrannical vaccine mandates were released on the people of Canada.

Protestors came out of the woodworks to attend the “Freedom Convoy” which opposes vaccination mandates for truckers that must cross the border between the United States and Canada. Many others were there to also oppose the restrictions the government in Canada as placed on the people.

Trudeau and his family left their home at the Rideau Cottage, which sits on the Governor General’s residence property in Ottawa’s New Edinburgh neighborhood. This is a mere four kilometers from the center of the ongoing protest.

The office of the Prime Minister refused to comment on his whereabouts due to security reasons. His itinerary usually discloses the city in which he’s residing, but right now it only says “national capital region.”

Police say that no threats have been made and no injuries have been reported. It’s also reported that the protestors are peaceful. In fact, one of the key protest organizers, B.J. Ditcher, warned all the protest goers that they must demonstrate peacefully, saying, “We cannot achieve our goals if there are threats or acts of violence. This movement is a peaceful protest, and we do not condone any acts of violence.”

Trudeau’s response is more than just an overreaction to the situation. Politicians in Canada and in the media are looking down on the protestors simply for making their opinions heard.

Ottawa’s Mayor, Jim Watson, says that he just wants the city to be normal again, but that protests will likely continue until the demands of the protests are met. He then said the following: “You have the right to protest, you’ve had your protest, please move on. Our city has to get back in normal stead.” This just proves how little respect the mayor has for people that are just using their voices.

The trucker’s convoy is boasting support from big names like Trump, Musk, and Russell Brand.

Author: Lydia Jetson