Two-Faced Schumer Hoped Everyone Would Forget This Damning Statement

If you needed more proof that Democrats only standards are double-standards, look no further than New York Senator Chuck Schumer, who, prior to the total Democrat control of all three branches of government under President Joe Biden, made every effort to protect the filibuster when it served him.

Democrats, impatient over matters of gridlock in their ruthless efforts towards ‘progress’ are now seeking to pass voting legislation that grants complete federal takeover of local elections and aims to ensure that Democrat candidates will win from that point on.

The Democrat’s efforts at total federal election takeover are being resisted in the Senate because they are an obvious shortsighted partisan power grab, exactly the sort of move that the U.S. Senate was set up by the founders to prevent.

Undeterred by civility and norms, Schumer issued a letter to the Senate on January 3rd, threatening to wipe out the filibuster if necessary to pass radical Democrat bills. He said that he would make and attempt at “reforming the Senate rules” in order to “save our democracy.”

Back in 2005, however, Schumer used very similar language for just the opposite purpose. Being the minority powerholder at the time, Schumer said that the filibuster must be protected in order to slow down Republican action. He said that the elimination of the filibuster would spell “a doomsday for Democracy.”

Schumer also notably fell back on the filibuster as a means of resisting former President Donald Trump’s nominees. He said in 2017 that a lack of bipartisan support was not an issue of having a filibuster, but of who was being considered for roles in government.

The only thing that’s changed since Schumer’s earlier statements is that now his agenda is being roadblocked by the filibuster. Now as the Majority Leader in the Senate, he’s stimeyed as he attempts to pass radical and sweeping legislation without the approval of a single member of the opposite party.