Trump’s Vice Pick Revealed — You Won’t Believe Who It Is

Thursday marked an exiting day for Republicans as Donald Trump announced that he is “100%” thinking about his next run for president and giving strong consideration to taking on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as his choice of running mate.

Former president Trump made his statements on an exclusive episode of “Mornings with Maria,” the day after President Biden’s Congressional address which was his highest-profile speech to date.

Trump called DeSantis a friend and “a great guy.” Trump also said of DeSantis that he “took off like a rocket ship” after receiving Trump’s endorsement.

Trump discussed some of the major issues for his upcoming platform, those being protection of the Second Amendment, border control, fair taxes, and caring for the energy industry.

Trump blasted Biden for failing to mention the border in his speech, as well as the President’s general lack of ability to handle the crisis. “It’s out of control,” said Trump, warning that the crisis “will destroy our country” if it isn’t resolved soon.

President Biden did away with many of former President Trump’s immigration and border control policies, such as the construction of a border barriers and making asylum seekers remain in Mexican territory while their cases are examined.

These actions from Biden caused a record breaking influx of migrants to the southern border that are unresolved to this day.

“They have to finish the wall,” says Trump, lamenting that it “would have been completed” during his presidential term had he not been hampered by Democrat lawsuits “every single moment.”

Trump also went on to criticize Biden for his energy policies, such as the Keystone XL oil pipeline. He says that ending the project lost valuable jobs, and Biden’s other energy policies have led to the sharp rise in gas prices.

Trump called Biden’s recent tax propositions “the biggest tax increase in history” and warned that they threaten to “destroy the economy.”

Just this week, Biden revealed yet another expensive proposal. The $1.8 trillion American Families plan targets education and child care, and include sharp tax hikes for businesses and wealthy individuals for their funding.

Author: Timothy Warner

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