Trump’s Slam Dunk Speech Is Waking America Up

In his first public speech in about four months, former President Donald Trump spoke at the annual state Republican Party convention in Greenville, NC, speaking on the future of the GOP and endorsing Representative Ted Budd (R-NC) for Senate.

Trump began his speech by criticizing President Biden and other “socialist Democrats,” calling them history’s “most radical left-wing administration.”

The former president also spoke about Dr. Fauci, referring to him as “America’s doctor.” Fauci has come under intense scrutiny of late after his emails were released to the public via a Freedom of Information Act Request, the email exchanges reveal that what Fauci thought in private was contrary to what he recommended to the public since the pandemic’s beginnings.

Trump slammed Fauci for failing to recommend border restrictions from Europe and China in the early days of the pandemic, as well as for flip flopping on whether or not masks were effective. Trump was criticized for his decision to close the U.S. borders as the pandemic began, a decision which earned him a great deal of criticism as it was contrary to Fauci’s recommendation, but in retrospect as Trump pointed out, the policy rescued “hundreds of thousands of lives.”

Trump also attacked Fauci as having “never been more wrong” about COVID in regards to the virus’s origins.

Trump moved on to highlight the longstanding relationship that China and the Biden family share, calling the Biden administration “very timid and frankly corrupt,” then directing attention to the fact that Biden’s administration was caught shutting down the US investigation into COVID’s origins shortly after seizing power.

Trump then made demands that China should be responsible for paying $10 trillion in “reparations” to other nations for damages caused by their virus, “they must pay,” he said. Trump also called for a 100% tariff on Chinese products, targeting Democrats for “fighting the tariffs” which would cause “Billions of dollars [to pour] in.”

Trump reasserted his concerns about the election integrity of the 2020 cycle as well as future cycles, for which Big Tech corporations such as Facebook and Twitter banned him.

While Trump is certainly looking forward to 2024, the midterm elections of 2022 remain at the forefront of his mind, saying that “the survival of America” is dependent on the midterm results.

Trump also hit on other concerns such as the southern border crisis, the bleak outlook of the economy, and Biden’s lousy foreign policy record, he also called out “cancel culture” for overtaking American’s freedom of speech and making the country appear “demeaned and humiliated” in the eyes of the world.

Trump was reserved as usual about a 2024 presidential run, telling the receptive crowd that he would decide “sooner than people think.”

Author: Derek Watts