Trump’s Return To The White House Is Sooner Than You Think

Former President Donald Trump is planning a quick return to making America great again. The former president teased a run for 2024 and hinted that he may begin holding rally’s again soon.

During an interview with Lara Trump, his daughter-in-law, he attacked the mainstream media for how they downplayed President Biden’s recent stumble on the steps of Air Force One. He also claimed that Twitter was now “boring” in his absence and called the current administrations environmental policies so left-wing that even Senator Bernie Sanders wouldn’t back them.

The 18-minute conversation is the first time he’s been on camera since leaving the oval office in January, he acted as a featured guest on Lara Trumps new podcast.

While Trump did not commit to running again in 2024, he suggested that he’s considering it.

When asked directly about a 2024 run he said, “have hope, that I can tell you.” Later, when asked about whether there would be future rallies, he responded “Oh yeah, sure, I think so,” then stating that a rally was planned for the near future, “just to let everybody know that there’s hope.”

Trumps aides have confirmed that he is considering a visit to the southern border, in order to highlight the current administration’s inability to manage the surge in migrants.

When prompted about Biden’s incident with the airplane stairway he said “I hope he’s in good shape. . . for the sake of the country.”

Author: James Young

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