Trump Warns Of Nuclear War In Now-Censored Viral Interview

The list of unforbidden topics keeps growing on social media as technocratic oligarchs clamp down even harder on our right to speak freely online. As the United States heads for another war, it’s become increasingly apparent just how crucial transparency is. But it appears the censors at these Big Tech firms don’t agree.

Trump predicted just what would happen to this interview if it received the level of widespread popularity that we all expected — and yet again he was proven correct.

YouTube quickly censored the video from its platform after receiving 5 million+ views in a matter of days.

The entire idea of ‘America First’ has completely left all facets of the federal government since Donald Trump was wrongfully stripped of his reelection. United States’ interests are no longer separate from the interests of world governments, public health conglomerates, and globalist intelligence agencies, which would explain why Biden and her war obsessed apparatchiks insist on spending billions in Ukraine while inching us closer to war.

Bottom line: This debacle would have been impossible with Trump at the helm.

The Former President appeared to echo this sentiment during an interview he gave with a popular podcast on Wednesday.

During the interview, Trump was asked about the likelihood of nuclear war as Biden gets the United States deeper into another unnecessary foreign conflict solely for the purpose of protecting antiquated relationships with globalist superpowers.

One of the interviewers plainly asked Trump: “As a scared U.S. citizen, what’s your take on nuclear war with Russia?” 

Trump’s response was jarring in that he basically said the actions of Biden’s administration are sending us down a one-way path toward war with Russia — a move the United States may not survive.

“Well, you should be scared because we have incompetent people heading up our country, who frankly got there through a fraudulent election” Trump responded.

“How serious is the threat of nuclear warfare?” the podcast host asked Trump.

“I think it’s serious,” Trump said.


Russian President Vladimir Putin recently put Russia’s nuclear arsenal on high alert. Putin’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine has been met with economic sanctions from the West, including a U.S. ban on Russian oil imports.

Trump’s warning comes after the Biden administration projects weakness in the face of Russian aggression. Defense officials say U.S. military involvement in Ukraine is off the table and no troops will be ordered to combat Putin’s aggression in the region. Grandpa Joe has also warned against Putin’s nuclear capabilities using traditional politician rhetorical tricks knowing full well the United States is the world’s leading nuclear superpower (thanks to Trump.)

Still, the Biden administration is toying with Putin in ways that would cause any country to be on high alert. Between the billions in aid to Ukraine, constant anti-Russian propaganda, lawmakers calling for Putin’s assassination, killer sanctions which harm innocent Russians (not Putin), and the buildup of NATO forces on Ukraine’s border — it’s no wonder Putin’s pissed!

A simultaneous projection of weakness while funding the Ukrainian war machine could possibly be the worst route to take, especially as the United States struggles under it’s own economic disasters, created artificially by the Biden administration.

The interview has since been censored after amassing  5 million+ views in less than a week.

Scary times we’re living in.

Author: Monica Hedren