Trump Warns Of Impending Attack With Sleepy Joe At The Wheel

Former President Trump warned that the U.S. is open to another 9/11 style attack under the leadership of President Joe Biden who still can’t grapple his multiple crises in Afghanistan and at the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump spoke with One America News recently and declared that Biden turned the U.S. into a “lapdog for every nation,” as multiple Middle Eastern countries use America as a dropping ground for their people.

Trump excoriated Biden for his mishandling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, claiming that he completely lost control of the situation.

Trump called the defeat “the single greatest humiliation” that the country has faced. He lamented the fact that it didn’t have to be this way, saying that a well planned withdrawal would not just have been “beautiful,” but allowed America to go “out with victory,” and most crucially, could have gotten “all the Americans out” of the country.

Trump also noted how before the catastrophic loss of 13 service members last Thursday, the U.S. had not experienced any fatalities since February of 2020. Trump proudly highlighted the 18 month period during which “not one soldier” died under his watch. He said that America’s enemies understood that Americans were protected, soldier or no, and that if “anybody gets killed… we go after them… I did, many times.”

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina issued similar remarks in regards to potential terrorist threats against the U.S. He said that the odds of another attack like 9/11 “went through the roof,” following Biden’s botched Afghanistan exit, pointing out that ISIS’s strength has “doubled” since the withdrawal efforts began and added that the U.S. has stabbed it’s allies in the back during the withdrawal as well. Graham says that he has “never been more worried” about terrorist threats on U.S. soil than he is now.

Graham joined other top Republican leaders in demanding the resignation or impeachment of Biden for the disaster he brought upon our nation.

Author: Bessie Phelps