Trump Unveils Plan To Upturn Democrat Tyranny — And You Can Help

Former President Donald Trump recently spoke with Sean Hannity on Fox News announcing that a 2024 presidential run is something which he is “very seriously” considering. He said that while it’s currently too early to make any solid commitments, he greatly misses being able to help people.

Trump spoke his mind on goals for 2022 saying, “I think we have a really good chance.” He added that he’s collaborating with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to take back control of the House. Though he noted that regaining control of the Senate “[is] going to be a little bit tougher.”

Nevertheless, he still feels that the Republican party has “a really, really good chance” of regaining control of the Senate despite the challenges.

Trump declared his intention to do anything he can to help Republicans in the 2022 battle, including holding rallies, speeches, and traveling to support GOP candidates.

Trump said that he greatly misses the ability to help the American people, in terms of his presidency, he said “That’s why I did it.”

He said that since the Democrats took control, the Second Amendment is being threatened, taxes and regulations have gone “through the roof,” jobs are suffering, and our energy independence is threatened.

He said that he’s looking into the aforementioned matters “very seriously, beyond seriously” but that he couldn’t yet reveal what actions he has in the works to counter the Democrats recent attacks on American prosperity.

Author: Carrie Young

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