Trump Unleashes Message For All Patriots About 2024

Former President Donald Trump recently laid out everything that’s necessary to ensure fair and trustworthy elections in the U.S. moving forward. In a two-hour long interview with Breitbart news at his golf club, Trump shared his vision for a future where elections can’t be rigged and cheated.

Firstly, Trump said that every election must verify voters using voter identification, “[it’s] very important,” he emphasized. Furthermore, Trump pointed out that old-fashioned paper ballots were still “better than anything,” and called for a return to the most sure way to count votes. He highlighted how Canada still uses paper ballots for their elections, and claimed that it’s one of the most important things to ensuring “accurate elections.”

Trump also said a word about mail-in ballots, pointing out that their use should be restricted to people overseas such as members of the military, or “very sick people,” those who can’t physically make it to polling centers due to serious health concerns. In all, Trump said that to “straight out… elections,” the key elements are voter ID, paper ballots, and same-day voting.

Trump moved on from voting security to strategy for the GOP in 2022. He said that he’s been encouraged by the action he’s seen at the grassroots level throughout America, particularly in Texas where stiff resistance from Democrats was finally overcome in order to pass voting fidelity laws. Trump was less favorable in his view of Georgia’s voting law, however, saying that it didn’t do enough, and holding Governor Brian Kemp responsible for the compromise bill.

Trump said that Georgia’s voting laws are “better than it was,” but “is not strong” like the law recently passed in Texas.

Trump said that while it’s important to consider future elections in 2022 and 2024, there must be continued effort into proving the election fraud of 2020. Without demonstrating how the election was stolen last cycle, he warns that Republicans will never “get to 2024… get to 2022.”

Multiple audits around the country, such as those in Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona and Pennsylvania have revealed gross miscounts and other voting anomalies, but Trump says that the establishment media is purposefully turning a blind eye to such issues, keeping the story of 2020 election fraud in the dark.

Author: Katrina Hicks