Trump Teases Reinstatement As Early As August

Former President Donald Trump reportedly expects to be “reinstated” as the president this coming August, so he told close allies it’s been reported.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman shared the information on Twitter, adding that “no that isn’t how it works.”

Haberman’s post was joined by a clip of CNN’s coverage of Michael Flynn’s much lauded misquote about embarking on a “Myanmar-style coup” in the U.S.

The quote was gathered from a conservative event in Dallas this last Sunday where a member of the audience asked Flynn why the events in Myanmar “can’t happen here?” Flynn reportedly responded by saying that there’s “No reason. . . it should happen here.”

However, Flynn issued a message the following day expressing that he wants it to be “VERY CLEAR” that he believes “there is NO reason. . . for any coup in America,” adding that he denies having ever “called for. . . action of that sort.”

Flynn’s lawyer Sidney Powell said that the statement had been “grossly distorted” by mainstream media.

Haberman speculated that Trump’s timing might coincide with an indictment charge he faces in New York. She explains that Trump has been “laser focused” on ballot audits since losing the election.

Trump has so far declined to comment on running for the White House after a lengthy court battle, rather he has been putting his effort behind endorsing 2022 midterm candidates with his “America First” agenda.

Author: Martin Porter