Trump Takes On MSM With Killer New Lawsuit

Former President Donald Trump is suing the New York Times, three of their reporters, and Mary, his niece, for the Time’s coverage about his leaked tax documents.

Trump’s lawsuit charges the Times with coercing his niece into providing the newspaper with his tax documents illegally. Total damages sought against his niece and the Times are yet to be determined but laid out as no less than $100 million.

Speaking to the Daily Beast about the lawsuit, Trump warned that there was “more to come… other people… Fake News media,” who will not escape justice.

Both the Times and Mary Trump dismissed the lawsuit’s seriousness. Mary Trump eloquently said of Donald Trump “I think he is a f***ing loser,” and said that the lawsuit was an act of “desperation.”

A spokesperson from the Times said that their story was valid due to the “overriding public interest” of the subject, and called Trump’s lawsuit an “attempt to silence… news organizations.”

In October 2018, the Times published an article using a cache of tax documents belonging to Trump. The lawsuit declares that the Times as an organization, Russ Buettner, David Barstow, and Susanne Craig each are “directly responsible” for the betrayal of Mary Trump in her handing over of Donald’s tax documents, violating a 2001 confidentiality agreement.

Mary Trump made appearances on “The New Abnormal” podcast where she confessed that Craig pressured her to give up the documents. She said that she was “um… actually really proud of that,” but added that at the time she had forgotten that she was even in possession of the documents. Mary Trump gave all credit to Craig for “reminding me… and tenaciously trying to convince [me].”

Mary Trump authored a tell-all book about the Trump family last year, which sparked yet another legal battle regarding the 2001 confidentiality agreement. Donald Trump’s late brother, Robert Trump, sued Mary before the release in an effort to stop the book’s release. A Supreme Court Judge for the County sided with Mary, and the book was published.

The book was marketed as an embarrassing glimpse into the Trump family, and credited Mary as the primary source in the Times’ story regarding Trump’s taxes.

Author: Herbert Green