Trump Slams Top Democrats With Unforgettable Speech

During a Saturday night speech in front of a conservative audience, former President Donald Trump issued a grave warning about critical race theory, calling the curriculum “flagrant racism” that he warns is being forced throughout “every facet of our society.”

Trump gave his speech in Phoenix Arizona at the Federal Theatre on behalf of the ‘Protect Our Elections Rally,’ which was hosted by Turning Point Action. During the speech, Trump called shame down upon Democrats for adhering to what he called an “America last” ideology.

Trump took after Biden and the Democrat party for “apologizing to the world,” saying that America needed to be done apologizing, “just like Obama [did],” instead saying that Democrats “should be apologizing to America,” for what’s happened to it.

Trump said that Biden’s “America last philosophy” has made a mockery of the country he’s charged with serving, and criticized him for “pushing toxic, critical race theory,” both in schools and in the military by executive order. He called critical race theory “poisonous,” remarking that “it has no place in our schools,” or in other American institutions.

Trump reminded the audience that while he was President of the United States, he signed an order that restricted critical race theory from being taught, but Biden repealed the order on his first day in office, so that CRT training could continue in schools and in Federal agencies. Trump said that Biden’s agenda won’t work out in the end, because “a Republican Congress will… ban it once and for all… They will get it done.”

Trump also used his speech to slam General Mark Miley, who is a chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and who recently defended critical race theory within the military. “Can you believe it?” Trump asked. He then mocked Miley for saying that he wants to “understand White rage,” Trump asked “what the hell is he talking about,” saying that American generals should keep their focus “on defeating America’s enemies… not.. learning left-wing ideology.”

Trump warned that the Democrats who try to take him down are “the most corrupt, powerful and entrenched” enemies imaginable. He said that they oppose him and the Republican party for one reason, “We believe in.. America first.”

Author: Kathy Chambers