Trump Reveals Who’s Really Pulling Biden’s Strings

Everyone knows what Trump started at the southern border was a success. The border wall kept America safe for years, but all that has been challenged recently as Biden ordered the halt on its construction.

But even Biden is capable of realizing his mistakes. Earlier this week he quietly began moving the pieces to reinstate construction on Trump’s famed border wall. Former President, Donald Trump said this is good news, but that a lot of damage has already been done. The border wall was almost complete but is now delayed for two or more years due to Biden’s decision to halt funding to the project.

Trump also expressed concerns for Biden’s mental and physical health, stating that the job of a President is more than full time. At 78 years old, Biden is struggling and bumbling his way through most of his duties, and in Trump’s opinion, isn’t calling most, if any, of the shots.

Trump pointed to Biden’s sudden change in policies as a reason why he doesn’t think he’s at the helm of America’s ship. Biden is known for being a centrist democrat, but since becoming President most of his policies resemble that of other socialist dictators.

Trump did sound optimistic about America’s economic recovery, stating that the foundation that was built during his Presidency will help us survive the leftist turn in the White House.

Author: Betty Melman

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