Trump Releases Urgent ‘Call To Arms’ For Supporters

President Trump encouraged all his supporters to boycott left-caving organizations and companies in an urgent message late Saturday evening.

Trump sounded the alarm on extremist Democrats that play dirty politics and boycott companies and products whenever the feel offended. While Republicans have maintained moral dignity up to this point, Trump rallied his supporters, encouraging them to fight back. Especially because despite what democrats would like everyone to believe, MAGA Americans are the majority.

Trump provided a list of companies for the boycott that includes the following: Coca-Cola, JPMorgan, Major League Baseball, Delta Airlines, Cisco, Chase, Merck, ViacomCBS, Merk, UPS and Citigroup. Basically, any company that has caved to leftist pressure and extremism.

Trump states that the liberal left scares organizations into submission, and that we cannot and must not submit to their hate-filled agendas.

Trump’s statements were made after MLB (Major League Baseball) made the announcement that it would be relocating because it disagrees with Republicans’ increase in voter security. Trump showcased concern and contempt for the failing organization, pointing out that they are hemorrhaging fans thanks to their new ‘woke policies.’

One thing is for sure, with Trump on our side, we are sure to win this fight.

Author: Drake Mildenberger

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