Trump Moves To Fend Off Political ‘Assassins’

Former President Donald Trump’s layers acted quickly to block efforts by House Democrats and Biden’s Department of Justice to seize his tax returns, and slammed their opponents by calling out their brazen attempt to weaponize the tax returns for political aims.

In 2019 Richard Neal (D-MA), Chairman of the partisan House Ways and Means Committee issued a request for a full six years of the former President’s tax returns as well as those from eight of Trump’s associated businesses to include his Bedminster golf club.

Steven Mnuchin who was the Treasury Secretary at the time, rejected the effort and had the full support of Trump’s DOJ Office of Legal Counsel, but the Biden DOJ recently overturned that decision and claims that the Treasury has no option but to supply Trump’s private tax returns to the Committee, which the Treasury agreed to although Trump has been given a chance to respond in court first.

Trump’s lawyer, Patrick Strawbridge spoke before a federal court on Wednesday explaining that following the election of Trump, disgruntled Democrats greedily sought after the President’s tax returns in order to exploit them “for political gain.” He adds that the Democrats were a minority party at the time and all expressed the hope that Trump’s tax returns could “contain damaging information,” that they planned to “release to the public.”

Strawbridge continued, stating that the effort by the entirely partisan Democrat committee is “a transparent effort by [Democrats] to harass [their opponent.]” He said that Chairman Neal was pressing his political advantage now that Democrats controlled the House and is moving in to attack Trump in the political sphere. He also noted that Chairman Neal wasn’t just indulging in a naked power-grab move but also was bending to repeated criticisms by Democrat constituencies who slammed the House for not doing more against the former president.

Should the Democrat Committee acquire Trump’s tax returns, they will doubtlessly reveal that information to the public. The current issue is a section of U.S. code which grants Congress broad authority to demand tax returns.

Last month, the Office of Legal Counsel’s acting assistant attorney general, Dawn Johnsen, issued a formal opinion that rescinded the Trump DOJ’s conclusion about whether or not the Treasury department must submit Trump’s tax returns.

Senate Judiciary Committee member Republican Senator Chuck Grassley spoke in opposition to the decision, saying that the standard behavior of the federal government is to closely guard private taxpayer information, but says that “Biden'[s] Justice Department is just politics.”

Author: Allen Houston