Trump Makes Justice His #1 Priority — Unleashes Flurry Of Attacks Against The Left

Former President Donald Trump spoke to the family of the slain patriot Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force veteran who lost her life to gunfire from a still unidentified officer during the January 6 Capitol protest. Trump demanded that “justice” be carried out regarding the incident.

The 35 year old Trump supporter was shot while attempting to enter the Speaker’s Lobby while Capitol Police escorted members of Congress out of the building, according to video record. Babbitt was taken to Washington Hospital Center and was later declared dead from her injuries. The identity of the officer who shot Babbitt is still a closely guarded secret and is not known.

Trump demanded justice in an email statement after speaking with “the wonderful mother” of Ashli Babbitt, who Trump says “was murdered.” Trump also pointed out that if the same incident had taken place against “the ‘other side,” that America would have erupted in riots. But Trump laments how “radical left haters” got away with killing Babbitt despite the fact that she represents “far more people… who truly love America.”

Babbitt can be seen on video footage entering through broken glass while a number of armed officers defend the opposite side of the door. People have questioned whether or not a verbal warning got issued before shots were fired.

Babbitt’s attorney, Terry Roberts says that the issue is “not debatable… there was no warning.”

The lawyer for the still unidentified officer, Mark Schamel argues just the opposite, however, claiming that the ‘no warning’ scenario is “a false narrative,” as the officer screamed “Stay Back! Don’t come in here!”

Schamel claims that his client’s shouts are inaudible in the video due to the facemask he was wearing. He also points out that the video was captured on the opposite side of the door, where the command is drowned out by the noise of rioters. He also claims to have witness statements to back up his claim.

Roberts insists, however, that the footage does not show Babbitt or any other in the crowd reacting to the sound of any command and asks “why didn’t they react?”

The Justice Department threw out the charge against the officer after a government agency determined that there was “insufficient evidence” for the case.

Trump called foul on the determination, expressing frustration with how “nothing happens to Antifa” despite the fact that they “burn down cities… killed people.” He said that if the situation were “the opposite way” that the perpetrating officer would be “well-known.”

Author: Sarah Barnes