Trump Has Had Enough Of Biden’s Failings — Dishes Out This Ultimatum

Former President Donald Trump issued a statement last Sunday declaring that the time had come for President Joe Biden to offer his resignation after surrendering Afghanistan to the Taliban.

Trump said that the history books would remember Biden’s failed war in “legendary” fashion, amongst “the greatest defeats” ever seen by America. He demanded that Biden “resign in disgrace” for allowing the collapse of the Afghani government, while also failing to adequately manage COVID-19, the border crisis, the economy, and for undermining energy independence.

Trump said that President Biden “gets it wrong every time” when it comes to foreign policy, and chalked it up to the aged president’s inability to “handle the pressure.” Trump excoriated Biden for failing to stick to the Trump Administration’s exit plan for Afghanistan, which he promised would have “protected our people… our property,” and said that Biden instead opted to “run out of Afghanistan.” Trump added that under his plan, the Taliban would never have dreamed of capturing the U.S. embassy or constructing a new base for launching attacks against America.

Trump continued his musings on the situation in Afghanistan by pointing out that his devastating attacks against ISIS established the U.S. as “a credible deterrent,” but that under Biden, the Taliban is no longer threatened by America or concerned with it’s power.

Biden, conversely, blamed Trump for the situation that unfolded under his nose, declaring that he had been left with a bad deal that was set up by his predecessor. Biden blamed Trump for having reduced U.S. presence to 2,500 troops, and said that he had to choose between a fast exit or a prolonged war.

Foreign policy experts didn’t buy his crap though, and pushed back against the President, saying that he entirely owned the situation.

Former Secretary of State and CIA director Mike Pompeo mentioned in an interview last week that the Trump administration had a different withdrawal plan in place for Afghanistan.

Pompeo said that he had personally participated in negotiations between Trump and Mullah Baradar, a negotiator for the Taliban, and reported that those negotiations were very tough on the Taliban. Trump explained that any harm or threat made against Americans would result in the full might of the American military bearing down upon Taliban villages and homes. Pompeo mentioned that since the time of those negotiations, there hadn’t been a single American fatality caused by the Taliban. Trump had created “a deterrence model.”

Author: Julian Hawkins