Trump Had a Backup Plan For The Afghanistan Disaster, But Biden Blew It To Pieces

Multiple news sources uncovered proof that President Biden and the State Department under him deliberately shut down an emergency agency known as the Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau. The CCR was established by former President Trump for just such emergencies as what is unfolding in Afghanistan right now.

In June, Brian McKeon, Biden’s Deputy Secretary of State sent out a memo which discontinued and terminated the CCR, which was specifically tasked with “protection and evacuation” for American citizens that were stationed in overseas countries in the event of an emergency. Biden axed the program even as the Taliban was ramping up their efforts and taking over much of Afghanistan.

The CCR was equipped and tasked with providing medical support, logistics, and aviation in foreign countries for the express purpose of improving the Secretary of State’s ability to offer protection to Americans who are overseas in the event of “natural or man-made disaster[s].”

This is exactly the sort of program that American citizens needed last week and until this day, as they rely upon the not-so-good will of the Taliban for time to evacuate through the Kabul airport.

The Biden administration tried to blow off the agency as inconsequential and something which wouldn’t have helped the unfolding chaos in Afghanistan anyway, citing that it wouldn’t “have introduced… new capabilities,” and wasn’t very capable as the bureau was yet “in its early stages.” The department defended it’s actions by trying to walk-back and claim that a mere “review” of the agency was being taken.

But the memo issued says “termination” and “discontinuation,” regarding Trump’s CCR bureau, not a mere review as is now claimed by the State Department.

On Wednesday, the Kabul U.S. Embassy warned Americans that they could not promise safe passage to the international airport, despite assurances being made by top officials at the Pentagon 7,000 miles away, and still, only under the good graces of Taliban commanders, who could change their mind at any moment.

The empty promises of Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley combined with Biden’s absolute refusal to take responsibility for the the disintegrating situation indicate that the only way we’ll get real answers about how much they knew in advance of the disaster will have to come through a Congressional oversight and investigation committee. It’s the only way we can learn what Biden did and didn’t know in the days leading up to the Taliban’s overthrow of Afghanistan, as well as what he did or did not do to prevent the absolute catastrophe that’s unfolded.

Author: Cathy Palmer