Trump Finally Makes The Announcement We’ve All Been Waiting For

Former President Donald J. Trump was forced to make an early reveal regarding his 2024 plans. He spoke to Fox News, telling the network that he believed the country had reached “a point where [I] really have no choice” but to run for the office of president again.

Talking to Fox News Digital, Trump was asked what his plans were regarding a bid at the White House this coming 2024 election. Trump said that the there was no choice but to run for office given the “disgraceful” state of the union under Democrat President Joe Biden.

Trump attacked Biden’s failed withdrawal from Afghanistan, calling it the “greatest embarrassment” in our country’s history. Biden was cowed by the newly powerful Taliban government into abandoning billions of dollars in military equipment, as well as hundreds of American citizens and thousands of Afghani allies.

Trump excoriated Biden for allowing so much “death for no reason… just for no reason.” He added the fact that parents of the fallen 13 service members had requested that he attend the funerals of their late children, but rebuked standing president Biden. Sympathizing, Trump lamented that the parents are “just devastated.”

“We really have no choice,” he said about running in 2024.

Trump his assail on Biden, calling him “an incompetent person” and “divisive.” Indeed, in the several months that Biden has been president, he’s repeatedly shown signs of advanced senility, forgetting where he is or where he’s going. Furthermore, ‘moderate Democrat’ Joe Biden has implemented or pushed for the most radical leftist policies in all history.

While Trump didn’t give a 100% commitment to running for office again, I think most of us can read the writing on the wall. He may prefer to keep his cards close to his chest until the time is closer, but have hope America, Trump is coming back.

Over the 9/11 memorial weekend, Trump was asked by law enforcement officials what his decision would be for a 2024 run. He slyly replied that he thinks “you’re going to be happy.”

Author: Roman Carpenter