Trump Drags Kamala To The Border Kicking And Screaming

Vice President Kamala Harris, Biden’s darling appointed border czar who has dodged direct dealings with the southern border on a wild goose hunt for “root causes” is finally being forced to visit the disastrous U.S.-Mexico border.

The reason for the sudden announcement of a visit is obvious, she didn’t want to be beat to the punch by former President Donald Trump, who accepted an invitation to tour the border by Texas Governor Greg Abbott before Harris made any plans herself.

Prior to Trump’s announcement, Harris continually made her awkward giggle and redirected or ignored questions about why she wasn’t going to see in-person the border she was assigned to address. She dismissed such a visit as being a mere photo-op, apparently not recognizing any value in learning the firsthand accounts of local residents, law enforcement, officials etc. Harris was even pleaded with by Democratic congressmen from the border to join them on tours and see firsthand what the situation was so as to make sensible policy based on that knowledge.

But still, she wouldn’t go. . . until Trump moved faster than she did. The fact of the matter for Harris is that her reputation as the Vice President will be forever painted by this period in which she purposefully avoided her responsibilities, visiting gay pride parades and cake shops while turning a blind eye to the thousands of homeless, starving, abandoned children and communities ravaged by violent criminals and drug peddlers.

It’s sad to see that Biden’s border policy is driven by the simple political optics of attempting to dilute the media coverage which will inevitably trail Trump’s own border visit. Apparently, Trump was the only person on earth who could corner Harris and force her to do her job at the most basic level. Still, it’s unlikely that she’ll do anything more than accept softball questions from planted reporters and put on a weepy drama about how it’s all Trump’s fault somehow.

Those not brainwashed by the mainstream media can see exactly what’s going on here, Harris is a spineless politician who’s easily jerked around by external political forces. She will never be taken seriously while continuing to behave as a reactive instead of a proactive leader.

Trump has put her foolish nature on full display and is pulling her strings now. If Trump is what it takes to get the current administration to do their job, then maybe Trump should have been left in charge in the first place.

Author: Nellie Alvarado