Trump Calls Out Back-Stabbing RINOs For Betraying The American People

Former President Donald Trump issued a seething statement regarding the $3.5 trillion budget proposal that passed the Senate early on Wednesday morning.

Trump warned that the massive spending overhaul would go down in history as the “Communist Plan to Destroy America.”

Trump noted that elements in the bill will “destroy our borders… the rule of law,” as well as spiking taxes to levels “like we’ve never seen.”

Trump called on Americans to “wake up” to the Democrat threat, pleading that they recognize how they are getting “robbed in the dark.”

Trump isn’t the only one sounding the alarm bell on the Democrats’ massive spending proposal. Democrat Senator Joe Manchin also issued a statement that cites concerns about the bill. He criticized the addition of $3.5 trillion to the already “$29 trillion of national debt,” and said that it’s “become far too easy in Washington” to spend without considering the negative impact such spending has “on our children and grandchildren.”

The budget cleared the senate with a vote of 50-49, following on the heels of a ‘bipartisan’ infrastructure bill that costs taxpayers $1.2 trillion.

The supposedly bipartisan bill, that contains exactly zero infrastructure items that Republicans seek such as funds for a border wall of the continuation of the keystone XP pipeline, was cleared past Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell who Trump quickly slammed as “the most overrated man in politics,” after the bill cleared the Senate.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) also criticized the bill, calling it “step one” in the Democrats agenda to create a “Green New Deal.”

McConnell defended his support for the bill by claiming that infrastructure spending was the greatest “area of potential agreement” between the two parties.

The Senate passed the $1.2 trillion spending bill with a vote of 69-30. 19 Republicans crossed party lines and advanced the bill to the House.

Author: Tim Benson