Trump Assembles Massive Army To Topple Big Tech

Everyday Americans have rallied to the call of former President Donald Trump to fight online censorship. Trump’s lawsuits against Big Tech companies and their executive now include the comments of a massive grassroots army amounting to 65,000 Americans.

The nonprofit organization, America First Policy Institute announced that the former president’s amended complains got filed in the late days of July. Trump says that his lawsuits targeted at Big Tech were made “in conjunction” with AFPI as he explained in an op-ed that he authored for The Wall Street Journal.

AFPI gave the microphone to America so to speak, and offered a place to formally share their stories of Big Tech overreach and censorship. Over 65,000 Americans responded, and those stories will now be added to Trump’s July 7 lawsuit that targets Twitter, Google, and Facebook.

The AFPI explains that it created a website where individuals were able to share examples of censorship which they’ve faced from the defendants in Trump’s lawsuit, which includes not just Big Tech corporations but also their executives such as Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, and Sundar Pichai. The comments were uploaded to and collected from the AFPI’s website

The amended lawsuits against these Tech oligarchs include prominent personalities who got censored by Big Tech. Notable examples include Dr. Naomi Wolf, a feminist author and former adviser to Bill Clinton who was banned from Twitter in June. There’s also Wayne Allen Root, a conservative radio host who was banished from Twitter in February. The AFPI says that they purposefully included the stories of people from “opposite ends of the political spectrum” as a way to highlight the bipartisanship of the issue.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s latest admission that the Biden administration is now colluding with social media websites in order to censor ‘misinformation’ has become another addition to the fleet of lawsuits. The AFPI explained that the lawsuits have all been updated to reflect the fact that the current administration is collaborating with Big Tech in order “to censor the American people.”

Psaki attempted to backtrack her comments later on once the White House saw what a visceral reaction the public had to learning that the government was brazenly using Big Tech as a way to play Big Brother.

Trump slammed the marriage of Big Tech with government by explaining that the social media corporations have “been illegally deputized” into acting as the “censorship arm of the… government.”

Author: Sylvester McKenzie