Trump And Cruz Team Up To Win 2022 For The GOP

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently had dinner with former President Donald Trump at the Florida Mar-a-Lago resort to discuss the Republican Party’s future plans to regain control of Congress.

Cruz shared pictures of the event on Twitter, explaining how they discussed plans to retake control of both House and Senate in the 2022 election.

Trump spoke with Sean Hannity in an interview last month, during which he told Republicans with hopes of winning seats in Congress to join Trump’s MAGA agenda if they want to succeed.

Last week, Cruz and Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) made promises to reject donations from corporate PACs. Showing that the most promising Republican leaders are above corporate corruption.

Hawley said on Twitter that corporations have placed American interests second to profit, sending jobs overseas and trying to control free speech. According to him, it’s time to take a stand, and stop accepting corporate PAC money.

Unfortunately, no other Republicans have since joined their commitment but Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) claims that he was the first Republican to reject money sourced from PACs.

Author: Betty Swanson

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