Trucking CEO Calls Out Tech Giant For Deplatforming Freedom Convoy

Georgia congressional candidate and trucking business executive Mike Collins recently reacted to a devastating blow to the Freedom Convoy by the tech company GoFundMe, which recently froze the $10 million fundraiser in support of the convoy, calling the situation “highway robbery.”

Collins explained to Breitbart News correspondent Matthew Boyle that the truckers have carried out the protest using their own money, and that taking away the public support funding was tantamount to criminality. He said that the government should “put the GoFundMe executives in jail” for their sudden and unsubstantiated withdrawal of $10 million in public support for the protest.

Collins, discussing the U.S. trucker convoy that followed the similar Canadian trucker convoy which protests vaccine mandates, said that the time had come to “break up… these mega media giants,” because of the way they abuse the “control that social media nd these… platforms have gotten, to where they think they can rule over everything that goes on in America.”

Collins noted that the trucking industry has already “been pummeled with regulations and taxes… for decades.” The entire state of the trucking transport industry “has been battered and beat down,” he added.

Collins added that truckers faced special challenges throughout the pandemic, such as not being able to buy food at truck stops, not being able to stop at rest areas, and not even knowing whether or not consignees might be out of business by the time they arrived at their destination. He said that the pandemic years have created “a very, very hard situation for drivers,” who he added are “the backbone of this country.”

Collins said that truckers have dealt with enough, and don’t need to be subject to arbitrary and onerous vaccine mandates. He said that “it’s time for us to take our country back,” noting that what makes the Trucker Convoy special is the fact that the message is being broadcast by “ordinary people… not with the big celebs.”

Collins is currently the leading GOP candidate in a crowded field of contenders hoping to take the seat of Jody Hice (R-GA). Collins has an average support ranking of 35.6%, followed by Rep. Paul Broun at 11.1%.

Author: Donald Henderson