Trouble In Paradise? Biden Demands Top Democrat’s Resignation

On Tuesday, Democrat President Biden called for the resignation of fellow party member and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo following a months long investigation which concluded that he was guilty of sexually harassing a minimum of 11 women, including former and current employees.

The President was asked whether or not he maintained his position regarding Cuomo that he announced in March. Biden said then that Cuomo should resign should the investigation turn up that he was guilty. He recently affirmed that he “stand[s] by that statement.”

Pressed further, Biden responded “Yes,” when asked if Cuomo should resign, but he refused to comment further on the matter or respond to questions regarding impeachment should Cuomo refuse to resign.

Biden insisted that they “take one thing at a time,” regarding the discussion of Cuomo, “I think he should resign.” He then said that he understands “the state legislature may… impeach,” but hedged the statement by adding that he didn’t know it “for a fact.”

New York’s State Attorney General, Letitia James oversaw an independent investigation that revealed how Andrew Cuomo regularly harassed his female staff with “unwanted groping, kissing, and hugging,” and also frequently made inappropriate comments to staffers, reportedly creating a workplace culture that was described as “rife with fear and intimidation.” The report contained specific allegations supplied by 11 women who were deemed credible and whose stories were corroborated by external evidence.

Biden is not alone in demanding Cuomo’s resignation, as many top politicians from both parties have called for the same, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. James herself noted that the findings of the investigation appear “civil in nature” but believes that there’s still a possibility that a criminal case could be made against the governor.

Cuomo has remained defiant throughout, maintaining that he’s innocent throughout the entire investigation. Following the release of the report, he once again sent a video to press in which he insists that he’s not guilty of having ever inappropriately touched or made sexual advances towards his staff.

Regarding a criminal investigation, Biden said that he had not yet read through the full report and would not comment on whether or not Cuomo should face that form of prosecution.

Author: Cristina Hicks