Top RINO Joins Pelosi’s Witch Hunt Against The GOP

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, invited Representative Liz Cheney to serve on the Democrats starkly partisan committee to investigate the January 6th Capitol Riot, furthermore, Cheney and Pelosi dared Republican Minority leader Kevin McCarthy to carry out his threat to strip Republicans who cooperated with such a task of their committee assignments.

Pelosi brought Cheney to the panel on Thursday as part of an earlier promise to make the panel “bipartisan,” despite the obviously partisan nature of the Democrat-run select committee and the traitorous nature that Cheney has shown towards her own party in recent weeks. Pelosi created the committee after the Senate shot down an effort to create a 9/11-esque committee to investigate how former President Trump’s supporters managed to breach the U.S. Capitol building.

Cheney gladly accepted her appointment claiming that she was “honored” to be part of the effort. Cheney made calls in the past for such an investigation to take place, calling it the worst “attack on our Capitol since 1814.” Her statement continued by claiming that Trump’s supporters violated “the most sacred space” in the American Republic and alleged that they attempted to prevent “the peaceful transfer of power.”

Cheney said that the committee would find and hold accountable every person responsible for the riot in a “expeditious, and non-partisan manner.” She added that the importance of peaceful transfers of power stands “above partisan politics.”

Republicans contend that Pelosi’s committees to investigate the events of Jan. 6 are “witch hunts” meant to attack standing members of Congress for implicit or active participation in the riot. Democrats have stated openly that they plan on connecting certain GOP representatives to the riots.

Democrats are also expected to conduct a probe against former President Trump for his actions that followed a rally which eventually turned into a riot.

House Minority leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy tried to prevent Republicans from participating in the effort by threatening to dismiss anyone who participated on Pelosi’s committee from their other assignments.

Cheney is only one of two Republicans to agree with Democrats to form the investigative committee. The other Republican is Illinois representative Adam Kinzinger.

McCarthy now has to decide whether or not he will carry through with his threat to strike down Cheney from her committee position.

Author: Clint Armstrong